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Need something to read?

Like Moses on the mount, I bring you tablets and smartphones full of words! (Terrible puns? Yes, I do.)

Check out the excellent and simply-named Give Me Something To Read. It’s a great Tumblr stuffed to the gills with interesting, thought-provoking, and fresh content from across the web.

Give Me Something To Read is best paired with (and is sponsored by) one of the coolest services to be developed recently—Instapaper. Instapaper lets you amass content you want to read later with a handy “Read Later” bookmarklet in your browser. Come across an interesting page anywhere on the web, click “Read Later,” and it’s ferreted away to your Instapaper account to read later. It doesn’t clutter up your browser’s bookmarks, and best of all, it makes it incredibly easy to read those articles at any time from any computer and nearly any device.

I’m in love with Instapaper for iOS, which lets you access your Instapaper clippings from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. It’s incredibly simple to use, it will download articles so you can read them where there’s no 3G coverage, and it’s even smart enough to automatically switch to a night mode for easier reading in the dark.

Even if you don’t have an iOS device, there’s a thriving ecosystem being built around Instapaper. Many popular third-party desktop and mobile applications can save links to your Instapaper account, and there are Instapaper clients for easy reading on everything from Android to the Kindle.

Any time I’m stuck in a waiting area, my iPhone comes out with a ready-built newspaper full of only the articles I’m interested in. It definitely beats the stack of months-old magazines and trashy, overpriced airport novels.

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