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Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Lightroom

“One Weird Trick” has taken over the Internet like a horrible virus. Rather than stem the tide, I’m trying to turn it back with a trick that’s actually useful. And now I present one weird trick that increases your Lightroom performance (in the bedroom)! Lightroom’s oft-lackluster performance has been a hot topic among photographers for […]

PHX community events happening now!

Are you a part of the Phoenix photographic community? Good news: There’s a bunch of stuff going on in short order for photographers in the area. Thursday, May 19th AZASMP Presents “Shoot the Breeze” A casual social event for local photographers. Everybody’s welcome—members and nonmembers, seasoned professionals and students and emerging photographers. Drop in, meet […]

Need something to read?

Like Moses on the mount, I bring you tablets and smartphones full of words! (Terrible puns? Yes, I do.) Check out the excellent and simply-named Give Me Something To Read. It’s a great Tumblr stuffed to the gills with interesting, thought-provoking, and fresh content from across the web. Give Me Something To Read is best […]

SB3 Recap: The Artist Lost and Found

Back when I was picking my SB3 sessions, I’d reached a point where too many sessions were competing for my one remaining slot. I opted to go completely out of left field, filling out my schedule with Sean Kernan’s “The Artist Lost and Found, Part II.” I was drawn in by the promise to [s]ee […]

SB3 Recap: Essential Pre-Production for Video

I’ve been playing with video since the first version of iMovie was released. I’ve shot stills to accompany commercial and editorial video projects, and shot stills for independent short films, and provided technical direction for film and video people experimenting with HDSLRs. A number of my friends work in motion, and through those relationships and […]

Strictly Business 3: Strictly Mandatory.

If you are or want to be a commercial or editorial photographer, you should immediately earmark a wad of cash for ASMP’s Strictly Business 3 conference. I recently attended SB3 in Los Angeles, and as an emerging photographer it was easily the single most valuable event I have attended since I graduated. Both ASMP national […]


I couldn’t resist the temptation to immortalize today’s one-tastic moment by posting something.

HMAbL: A big Loss

Ongoing health issues have led the totally awesome Heather Morton to throw in the towel and put her blog on ice. This is a big loss to the photo community. Heather’s hosted some great discussions over at HMAb, and she’s often brought an interesting perspective to things as both a Canadian and a freelance buyer. […]

Lightroom 3: Get it while it’s hot!

Adobe released Photoshop Lightroom 3 to the world, officially ending the beta and hitting stable status. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you owe it to yourself—Adobe’s made a ton of improvements to Lightroom, and it’s most notably in the brand spanking new raw processor (which is also part of Photoshop CS5). With this […]