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SB3 Recap: The Artist Lost and Found

Back when I was picking my SB3 sessions, I’d reached a point where too many sessions were competing for my one remaining slot. I opted to go completely out of left field, filling out my schedule with Sean Kernan’s “The Artist Lost and Found, Part II.” I was drawn in by the promise to [s]ee examples of creative projects; I figured it would be a great opportunity to see what other people were doing for personal projects. It also sounded like a nice break from BUSINESS, BUSINESS, BUSINESS.

Getting my schedule at SB3, I was disappointed to find I’d ended up in “The Artist Lost and Found, Part I” due to scheduling issues. Having survived a BFA program, it hadn’t sounded even remotely useful when I’d been choosing my workshops. But I was in L.A., I didn’t have to alter my schedule at all to stay in Part I, and it still sounded like a nice break from the nitty-gritty of many of the other ¬†workshops. I gave myself over to happenstance.

What actually happened in that hour with Sean Kernan was not anything at all I was expecting. I’m not even sure how the description could have been worded to more clearly describe what did happen. And I’m loath to go into too much detail lest I ruin the experience.

What I will say is that if you go into it with an open mind, you’ll get something out of it.

I left that (all too brief) hour with Sean Kernan feeling like I haven’t ¬†felt since I was spending every waking hour in one of the art buildings at ASU. It was reinvigorating, refreshing, and left me with the desire to go make something, dammit!

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